Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Beautiful Day to be Out.... a school hall in Sidcup!

Myself and Rich took a trip south of the Thames this afternoon to the Skirmish Wargames and Toy Soldiers show in said South London suburb. 

Veterans of many such local shows it was definitely a twice around with a tea break in between type of event. Rich had found our morning out on a Facebook Wargames Diary group, which I really must find.

Not to knock but it was one hall of games and another of traders with a B&B tacked on. Half of each of each were somewhat hastily knocked together. Not such an issue with a game but many of the traders seemed to little more than random piles of vaguely mutilated lead and plastic, with the usual proportion of GW hand-offs. I suppose with E-Bay, internet sellers and Kickstarter there's an obvious trickle effect.

The actual traders stood out with a nice variety of quality product, predominantly skirmish in nature rather than "traditional" big game. I did wonder if this "said" anything about the state of the hobby but then I'm sure, but not convinced, that Salute will "speak" otherwise.

Between us we picked up a few bits for Bolt Action, a box of multi part plastic Commandos for myself. Again, gone for us are the days of turning up at a show with a shopping list and folding on the hip. £20 was a justifiable purchase for the upcoming escalation campaign at the club. After all I DO have a $150 Dreadball Extreme pledge to honor!

Anyway, a pleasant day out and a nice bit of variation for the painting table. I had hovered over the Gurkhas, Finns, Siberian Veterrans and Bersagliari before seeing sense.

It would seem that I've left the notion for grand projects behind as well. Not so worried about that one :)

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