Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Undiscovered Country

Hello people,

Something a little different last night down at Enfield Gamers as myself Mr C and Rich C played out a hunch I had to do something a bit different with STAW. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the OP play but having played through a few of the scenarios that come with the ships I felt there was a lot more potential out there, especially multi-player.

So, I had a vaguely cunning plan and we spent the evening playtesting it until it actually worked!

Any such scenario needs a decent objective to fight over, preferably an interactive, in this case Deep Space 9. In our case we used the OP template and stats with the pylons firing but not the 360 central bank. As such there were blind spots to hide in, adding an element of manoeuvre. Later we also added four satellites equidistant form the station (we'll get to that one!).

All scenarios need victory conditions and in our case the idea was to have a number of them randomly distributed so as to keep everyone guessing to a certain extent, we had;
1. Teleport Cisco off of DS9 and escape off any board edge
2. Destroy one ship from each enemy fleet
3. Destroy the three pylons (Agility 3, Hull 2)
4. Fly over each satellite to collect Intel and escape with one ship off any board edge
NOTE: We decided that no-one would destroy DS9 as the idea was to be able to take control of it.

In our game two objectives were completed on the same turn as I whisked Cisco off the table just before Mr C claimed a Dominion Patrol Ship to go with my B'Rel

In short, this set-up worked but next time we'd look at doing thing a bit differently as it became fairly obvious pretty quickly who had which missions.
Basically you should have X number of objectives where X = number of player + 2. Each player has a deck of X objectives and randomly draws two of them.
As such, each player has two chances to win with the possibility of multiple players going after the same objective. It's also more difficult to second guess what your opponents are up to!

Something a bit different and multi-player. Please feel free to give it a go, more than happy for any feedback

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