Monday, 17 March 2014

Kick It!!

Evening People,

Have to admit that I was determined to ignore this one given people's various Mantic KS experiences but when I saw what Jake had come up with and what was on offer I rolled over quicker than a weeble on a windy day! Yeah, went for Rampage, at $150, as well because the whole Sponsor thing looks like a really cool twist.

When I refer to the Mantic KS experience in all honesty it wasn't so much mine as much as others. All subjective I appreciate but as someone who missed the original KS I picked up the Deluxe version (4 teams of 10) and then piggybacked onto others for season 2 and 3 and seemed to come out ahead of those original KS backers.

I'm honestly not looking to get into the debate about KS as a pre-order device / delays / business model etc. With KS in general I think both sides of the fence have learnt a lot about expectation and how to manage that. The BIG THING here is that I absolutely love DB as a game and can see me playing it well into my infirmity.

My comment was more that this time I felt that I could leave the KS alone and then pick up stuff as and when I wanted and not loose out or maybe even be a bit ahead. But when the KS launched I was really impressed with where DB-Ex was going and really wanted to be a part of it. If anything it was possibly even something of a back-handed compliment ;)

Having said all that I've found it remarkably easy to leave the daily update e-mails alone. I know I'm getting a good deal but then so are Mantic. As an ex GW chap I know that its all about the additional sales so I'm going nowhere near the add-ons! I know that at some I'm going get a big ol' pile of TOYS. Right now I'm not so worried about which toys, though the shark-man MVP is proper cool!!

Like I say, its about managing expectation. Right now I've made an investment :/ Come back in six months and I'm sure I'll be frothing like a good 'un :)

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