Thursday, 24 April 2014

I shall say theese only wonce!

Hello people,

Not been a lot going on here as I've been rather busy with OTHER stuff.

Meanwhile this lot FINALLY turned up from Devil Dog. As seems to be the case with KS I can't quite remember what I pledged for but a Feck-off sized box has been emptied and stacked in a significant proportion of a spare bookcase.

I tend to remember pledging for two basic sets (amongst 4 of us) but I'll have to check. There's so much stuff there I'm not sure we'll do anything with it for a while for lack of knowing WHAT to do with it. I suppose that this is possibly a stealth issue with KS. It's taken so long to turn up that we've moved on to other things, most recently Bolt Action, which kind of dooms Heroes of Normandie to it's shelf for a while.

Pledge goals, i.e. free stuff, is all good but how complete does your pledge "packet" become. With a decently planned campaign you'd hope that it would all be sorted out for you but I get the feeling that it's all to easy to loose sight of that if the face of freebies.

I have recently found myself passing up on a number of tempting campaigns simply by asking myself "what would I actually do with it?". This seems to be far more pertinent than "do I need it?" because we all know the answer to that one? ;)

Anyway, hopefully Heroes won't gather too much dust before it sees some action. We'll see!

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  1. Woohoo

    The easy bit is half of its mine :)

    And the scenarios are 2 each but shared is good for me :)