Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rumble in the Jungle

Last night at Enfield Gamers featured, amongst other things, a number of  500 point Bolt Action skirmishes as we went into intensive training for the upcoming escalation league. Myself and Rich faced off twice taking turns with his Japs and Aussie commandos.

First up the mission was to recover a downed pilot from the centre of the table. For this one I took the Japs who enjoyed superiority in numbers, mainly through two big rifle squads.

Unfortunately the scenario had everybody starting in reserve and one of my big rifle squads became a proper lost patrol continually refusing to find their way onto the table.

Down on numbers against an elite force meant I was soon chasing the game and was forced into a sushi or bust unsupported Banzai assault. Being at close range their was no reaction fire but poor dice and Tough Fighters (2 assault dice per man) was no contest.

Chasing after the depleted Aussies with my Lieutenant and the medic was a grasp at the last desperate straw before it was all over. Pilot saved!
Swapping forces we setup to assault each others bunker, or shrines in our case. The evening running short I went aggressive and charged while Rich went for the outflank.

Once again I must have offended Her Ladyship Dice as my pre-assault artillery when wild and wiped one of my squads from existence. Bundling in with the other Tough Fighters chewed through a rifle and then the command squad with enough spare to crack a tinny.

Meanwhile Rich's flankers almost got bogged down by my sniper and forward observer only to Banzai off his pins onto my shrine at the last to secure the draw.
So all in all a good fun evening. I'm happy that I've got the basics of Bolt Action sorted and can move on to the nuances.

At 500 points elite infantry really kick arse but that's expected. Today's lunch-break saw the 750 point list sorted which means another box of "Geezers" plus an FO and a 3" mortar on the Salute shopping list. 

Not sure how to move upto 1000 yet. Still fancy some recce to keep the force light but a Centaur CS is tempting.

So.....German pioneers then! :)

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