Monday, 7 April 2014

Lock and Load

Evening all,

A couple of days behind schedule but the brushes have been unpacked, along with everything else, and the painting station had been restocked in that rather OCD way that we all know and love.

Priority 1 is to get the Commandos put together. I've drafted up a 500 point list for the club's escalation league, which just happens to be 25 "geezers" (plus a Royal Navy FO)  in strength, all available from the one box of green berets that I already have. 

As of this evening I still only have three chaps built though I have now started the production line and am the the proud owner of 3 "geezers" and 22 very literally unarmed, headless torsos. That's a 2nd Lt plus batmen leading two squads of nine troopers supported by a light mortar and a sniper team.
Should be getting a couple of 500 point games tomorrow night at Enfield Gamers borrowing Rich's Aussies which will be a move on from the multi-player games we've been running through recently. Last week was an interesting return to the jungle as myself and Paul ran 1000 points of armoured Yanks at a mini horde of Japs run by Rich and Damien.

Somewhat outnumbered and needing to take 1 of 3 objectives for the draw and 2 of 3 for the win we went for the cross country route up the left flank. Mobility proved to be our strength, while the Sherman 76 was something of a drab elephant. Late game aggression bagged us the draw but it was left too late to threaten the win. It was interesting to feel the threat of massed infantry despite our armoured status.

Anyway a few shots of the game;

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