Sunday, 13 April 2014

Obligatory SALUTE 2014 post

Evening people,

So another Salute has come and gone as another damn good day out. As usual we fulfilled essential shopping lists before a doing a recce circuit, having a touch of luncheon and then perusing for those additional purchases.
As with the D-Day theme it was pretty much all Bolt Action for us this year and plenty of plunder from Warlord. For myself it was another box of Commandos with a FO, 3" Mortar and the character pack I didn't really need to go along with the dice I'd pre-ordered. As the Salute 2014 figure Load Master Commander Maud would go well with any Commando troop.

After that it was a set of KR foam trays, I have a couple of spare cases, and scenery in the form of a Warlord ruined hamlet along with some generic drums and crates. The only deviation was a bonus Boromite Overseer from Warlord along with Commander Hansa, who was pure impulse, as EotE Nemisi.

As for the show itself skirmish, steampunk, sci-fi and laser cut mdf seemed to continue their eventual takeover of the wargaming world. Many of the same traders as last year and plenty of quality throughout, in total contrast with our more recent day out.

Most of all I picked up my annual dose of inspiration and spent the day chatting to some really good hobby mates and former colleagues (Evil Empire) that I only get to see at Salute :)

So, I've got plenty to get on with so roll the I-Phone shots of the day;

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