Sunday, 27 April 2014

BADD to the Bone

Hello people,

Last Wednesday we got back to Star Wars: EotE after another mini break. Between this time and last there has been an amount of HEALTHY DEBATE regarding some of the detail within the rules. All has since been amicably resolved but did, once again, higlight the nature of Role vs Roll play.

With a more narrative system, such as EotE, things are always going to be a little looser and in someways everyone has to work that bit harder for a system that has more potential. They key is to unlock that. Amidst all of that I found this BBC article and had to have a liitle chuckle to myself :)

Back at the action the chaps found themself on the short end of a half baked plan botched, primarily by the dice. On a side note we've noticed that it sometimes takes an awful long time to do the simple things with EotE. Just recently our sessions seem to have been victim to a few mediocre / neutral rolls.Without a straight pass / fail we sometiomes get bogged down. Again more an issue of management.
With the chaps somewhat stuck for inspiration, stood in the detention centre with locked cell doors, I made use of somethign we'd just discussed and spent one of thier precious Destiny Points to point out what I felt was the blindingly obvious.
"So the only gaurd you haven't killed is the Jailor who is currently taking snoozing after being shot with a tranq dart meant for a Dewback?"

Continuing with a revised Plan B for Robby the Robot to smash his way into the control room 7-UP-0 eventually brought round Lard-arse Larry who got all a bit cuddly. Throwing a further bone Agenai manged to find Larry's doughnut stash and an old swipe card which eventually started up the old security system. Dozy Larry provided the passwords and finally the cell doors were popped.

Subduing Kanto, remember him?, and grabbing the comatose ganger in the neighbouring cell the lads strolled out to the waiting speeder to work out that there were five of them, two captives, Oskara and only four seats! There were however a number of surveillance drones humming around the area.

Solution: Kardosh and Sindori take the liberatees in the speeder, Perit and Agneci shoot off down drone alley, while 7-UP-0 wanders off to the high street with a random box in his arms.


Good stuff lads, good stuff ;)

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