Sunday, 4 May 2014

Plastic Fantastic

Hello people.

Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers Rich kicked off the Bolt Action escalation league and I rocked up with my barely built Commandos. 

One lad was missing his beret but other than that it was a good as a paintless patrol could be. Once I'd got used to the paired arm system and moved to the usual assembly line, construction was much smoother. A little bit of attention to detail allowed for plenty of variation across the squads.

OOB for the night;
2nd Lt Gerry Mander
FO Petty Officer Polyp (RN)
2 Section - 9 geezers (Vickers K / 3 smg)
3 Section - 9 geezers (Vckers K / 3 smg)
Light Mortar

First game of the night was against Charlie's Heer Grenadiers as we attempted to capture each other's objective. I decided to try Flanking one squad only to pay no attention to Charlie's objective.

We then engaged in a mutual series of failed orders and tactical nievity while setting up our firing lines and taking pot shots at each other.

I was gifted the early initiative curtesy of some devasting artillery fire brought in by Polyp hammering the Heer left flank, upon which I was flanking. This however didn't help me take the objective on the Heer right defended by an MMG and some Grenadiers bristling with Assault Rifles.

Quickly settling in for the draw I learnt a lot of what doesn't work and the value of co-ordinated fire. Surely I've been at this long enough to catch on. Eventually edging the game on attrition (killing units), 1 to nil, the real winner was the system itself as it earnt the relevant respect from both of us about its hidden depths :)
Second game of the night was against Shado's Russian horde capturing four equidistant supply caches. 

Determined to cut out my tactical errors I just went with getting the rules wrong on a number of occasion in climbing a different learning curve.

Once again Polyp did his stuff to ruin the Russian left flank allowing to establish a fire-base on the left flank objective while I attempted another Flanking move on the right. 

Not needing to risk an assault managed to keep the attrition points racking up to force the Ruskis onto my guns. His Flanking SMG squad were sacrificed to the fire-base (veterans in hard cover) while his left flank stalled. 

Flanking in to contest one of the main objectives on the final turn I took the game 3 VPs to 1 thanks to some solid tactics and some decent dice.

So two wins for the night, one decidedly streaky, primarily thanks to PO Polyp and the fisheads somewhere offshore.

For two weeks time we up the ante by 200 points which see the mortar upgraded to 3", a PIAT for the sniper, and a further squad of geezers kitted for assault. Fairly sure ill up the rifles on the fire squads as they didn't feature too heavily and I feel confident in the Tough Fighters.

That's the plan.....well see if it survives contact! :)

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