Friday, 9 May 2014

Suped Up

Hello people,

This Tuesday down at Enfield Gamers Jon was good enough to run me through a game of Pulp City. He's a major fan and I'm a minor KS backer so all good.

Tempted in to a Necroplane faction box and Powerhouse (big lad) the deciding factor was that I knew I could get in some games. Jon even managed to lend me most of my faction, beautifully painted, to bound across his custom terrain. All I had to do was turn up :)
Playing through what was basically a big boy intro game it took a couple of turns to get the mechanic settled in but nothing more. Alternative activation, action points and resource management are nothing new in modern skirmish and creates a flexible game engine without being too fiddly. Doing things and activating abilities is as easy as rolling a number of D6 and adding your highest result to your ability score against either an opposed roll by your target or a simple target number.

As you would hope the game is all about Super Powers and more importantly their tactical use. Your Supremes each have a number of Trump abilities which activate when rolling a 5 or 6 against said Trump ability. By doing so you can deal additional effects / damage.
Much as with many Superhero teams you have a leader, some heavily themed chaps and a number of support characters chucking out buffs to the big boys and / or disrupting the other side. This is where the real tactical cut and thrust is found. Do you buff before you bash or make sure you get your strike in first? I quickly worked out that I was playing a skirmish game with plenty of depth and variation as well as the expected CRASH!, BANG! and KAPOW!!

Jon and his dice were good enough to let me have the win. Looking forward to returning the favour :)

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