Friday, 23 May 2014

Comms Check 1...2... .....4?

Hello again people. I've missed writing these up.....they're just so much fun :)

After another missed session we got back to things last Wednesday with the group dispersing from a relatively corpse packed Ronsons in three different directions. Sindori and Kardosh took the speeder with Kanto and the unconcious ganger while Agenai and Perit chose a brooding alley and 7-UP-0 wandered off up Main Street.....with a box!

Splitting the group in such a manner is always a challenge to run, everyone has to NOT meta-game. Thankfully my lads are pretty good at this.

Some or all of the chaps were being tracked by surveillance drones which some or less of the chaps actually noticed! 7s also managed to notice SOMETHING ELSE, which he felt the need to share with the group but somewhat carefully. There was also another issue, which Charlie beat me to, which was that of a certain amount of jamming of the comm-link. 
 As something of a standard MO I get the guys to write the message and then make a Computer Use check. Pass big and it all gets through complete, otherwise I scrub a number of elements. 7s did well so the first message was complete including "meet at Mc Twistys as planned"..... Shame there was no such plan! Next message only two of a dozen words got scrubbed. The main issue was that he decided to use code, a code which he had just made up.....that no one else knew..... ;) 

In honesty I knew what was going on and why but the looks of confused bewilderment amongst the group were awe inspiring. So inspiring in fact that Twistys turned out to be a real place......fancy that!
Meanwhile Agnecai and Perit were subject to a drone strike, set to stun at least, which saw them both diving into some excellent cover. Unfortunately GM dice once again struck and soon saw Agenai as so many, many kilos of particularly sleepy Transdoshan. Perit meanwhile saw of the drone with ease and dragged Sleepy off to the local night bus sans kebab.

Back in the speeder Kanto was doing a good job of trying to cut a deal with the equally cutthroat Sindori, who has a history with this sort of thing! Talking a good game the hook was baited with Sin itching to bite into a juicy offer of guns, creds and more guns ;) 
So, as the evening drew to a close each of our groups find thier way to Twistys, a now disused biker bar of some local repute. Approaching from the north was Agenai and Perit whilst Sindori crept in from the south, leaving Kardosh, Kanto and sleeping beauty in the speeder a few minutes away. All very sensible.

7's blundered in from the east heading straight for Twistys.........OH MY!!!

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