Thursday, 29 May 2014

Big Bang Theory

This Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers was the second round of the Bolt Action Escalation league.

Myself and Damian had somehow jammed it to joint top spot having gone undefeated so it was Brit on Brit action as my Commando geezers took on his Tommy regs. For flavour I decide that they must have been Free French being a bit too free with the English roses and due a good slap ;)

Story of the game was that if you live by the shell you die by the shell as the FOs ruled the roost. 
Lining up either side of a road with little hard cover I got the run of the Order Dice early doors and got forward fast to claim the territorial advantage. We both brought in our artillery quick as. I targeted his Cromwell, as I was unlikely to take it out otherwise, while he went for geezer packed left flank.

Mine arrived ASAP sprinkling the Cromwell with pins while Bren Recced away to safety. I pushed my left past his smoke round as I'd been able to wear it in other games and was keen to push my advantage.....only to have 7 units pinned to the nines the very next turn!!

Unfortunately this is when it all went proper Pete Tong as I FUBAR'd twice in as many checks and rolled ones even when I could Rally. Half my left flank ran off and the rest to got shot to pin-dom come (A Section were wearing 7 at one point).
On my right D (Assault) Section weathered a storm of .303 to have a sniper and a section at their mercy....only to fail repeated orders and hide behind thier wall. 

The one up was the medium mortar ranging in on the Cromwell and effectively pinning it out of the game. At one point it caught on fire by the crew hung in by the skin of the 1st Lt's leadership bonus.

As much as I was pinned to feck I wasn't loosing units and Damien was wary of any assaults. As I'd run off and gone Down he was having trouble picking up the Attrition Points but eventually managed the 2 he needed for victory on the final turn by turning everything in the lone PIAT.

In honesty if I'd run away properly I could have salvaged a draw but it wouldn't have been deserved and would have sat badly with me. It was still an enjoyable, though frustrating, game mainly because Damien's such a good guy. I once again learnt plenty, I really should have charged up one flank with D Section running a Flanking manoeuvre but there you go.

This was 750 points and next time out is 1000. Definately going to add an AEC III but also tempted to make room for a Wasp flame-carrier but not so sure that I should. We'll see ;)

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