Monday, 1 August 2016

Competition Time?

Hello people,

Once again it's been a bit quiet on the gaming front. A bit of life getting in the way,as it does, but also a natural lull as I've taken a bit of a natural break from competitive gaming. It's been somewhat necessary, with my Bolt Action Commandos recycled to a new home while I've been at it.

X-Wing has been my pick up game of choice with a touch of Netrunner as and when. Weekend events have neither been a want or need recently though I now feel happy to venture back out onto the circuit.

With Netrunner I need to go back to basics AGAIN whilst with X-Wing I've "allowed" Nationals to sneak up on me in the same way as Yavin. It's been that kind of year and will probably stay the same way.

I'm once again going to use a major National event to re-launch my gaming, rather than the other way around. As for lists it'll either be Imperial triple aces "Disco Inferno" aka the sensible choice, or Scum double Scout / Zuckuss "Feel the Zuck" which I've flown twice......but rather fancy.

On that note I have got all of the above painted up. Vader was done sometime ago but the rest are recent. I've gone for an alternative metallic scheme for Inqy and something a bit in between for Vessery. Zuckuss and the Scouts have been a labour of love for a while. Well pleased :)

Moving neatly on that's a dozen Painting Points that I need to claim. Mojo has stayed intact, it just needs a bit of a kickstart. Roll on Nats!!

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