Thursday, 7 July 2016

Undiscovered Country

Hello people,

Yet another LIFE inspired hiatus but I am actually playing games. Last week saw a swarm of X-Wing match ups with a smattering of Netrunner culminating in a whole weekend of "I am your Father!" at Warboar and Lost Ark.

Warboar were running an inverted Hanger Bay format, take two lists each with opponents choosing for each other, and Lost Arc limiting the field to Imperial vs Rebel.

For Warboar I selected my slightly disfunctional Dengar / Plasma Boat / Feedback Z because I wanted some table time with it and Vader / Inquisitor / Vessery because of theme, Imperial Veterans and the fact that I've never flown triple aces, or the Inquisitor.

Disco Inferno (100)
Darth Vader: Veteran Instincts - TIE x1 - Advanced Targeting Computer - Engine
Col Vessery: Veteran Instincts - TIE x7
Inquisitor: Push the Limit - TIE v1 - Autothrusters

Hopefully it's fairly obvious that Vessery works off of his compadres Target Locks whilst barrelling around at high speed for near constant Focus / Evade. In fact it's three green dice and bucket loads of dice modification all over the shop.

Saturday all five of my opponents chose to fly against Disco Inferno which surprised as I felt it was by far the stronger list. A PS10 Dengar was quoted as bring scary but maybe it was just U Boat bias.

Long story short I went 4-1 only losing a very tight game to Chirneau / Whisper. I was kind of in shock as I'd always felt that triple aces simply wasn't my thing. Apparently not, I even beat dual IGs three times, and it was a lot of fun while I was at it.

As such, also with a late finish and a cancelled train home, I ran exactly the same list for a very similar result of 3-1. In honesty three of those games were extremely close with me winning two of them on the last roll of the dice. 

Lots of fun and a new archetype to add to the potential rosters. Inqy and Vessery have also found thier way to the head of the repaint queue. 

Disco Inferno will boogie again :)

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