Monday, 27 June 2016

Menage et Trois?

Hello people,

So, completing the set Nigel dropped by last night for a game of Infinity, to kickstart us both back into the game. He'd recently picked up the Onyx Contact Force set and I just wanted to get back to it with some table time.

As such I went with a tried and tested Corrigedor force against the rather elite force of recently constructed Morats and drones including a new fangled EVO Repeater Hacker drone.  Turns out I have access to them to.
Playing Supplies Nigel won WIP and decided to go second leaving me to claim the high side of the table. Forcing him to set up first worked well initially as I gunned down his Q-Drone and grabbed a supply crate with a Tomcat who legged it back to my line.

After that the Morat super jumping link team of ultimate doom preceded to tear chunks out of me at an alarming rate wiping out the link team of Aguaciles, including Leutenant, and the Reaktion Zond on Turn 1.

Loss of Leutenant kind of nullified my Turn 2. I braced myself for a continued Morat onslaught at which point the Intruder Sniper went all a bit Rambo popping rounds into ape-faces and drones at will, eventually outgunned by a combi-rifle. At that point the Fraccta dropped in and executed my beloved Lunokhod and the Tomcat.

Turn 3 swung back my way as the Engineer lucked out to ventilate the Fraccta and reclaimed the care package while Doc got Rambo back up and the Moran made a charge for a second set of supplies, only to fail his WIP at the last.
Nigel ground his teeth slightly and went all out for Rambo who simply wouldn't have it. Making a suicide super jump for a potentially game saving supply box Rambo finally succumbed........only for Nigel to realise his remain Specialist was too far away to do the job!

Just the game I needed. Good fun, tight result and not having slipped down the learning curve all that far. Tonight I dug the Shasvassti back out into the painting queue and finished off the Jumpmasters and G1-A to make room.

As I've been saying, Mojo fully restored :)

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