Sunday, 5 June 2016

Battered, Bruised, Triumphant!

Morning people,

Far too late a finish yesterday to post. Apologies as I know you were all waiting with great expectation ;)

Long story short I went 3-3 which is better than I expected but slightly dissapointing as I slipped from 3-1 with bad match ups in the final two rounds. No spangly shield tokens to take home with me but plenty of Mojo which was always biggest thing.

I've obviously been trying a bit too hard recently. In 11 competitive games I only had one difficult opponent and I still won so yah boo. Elsewhere I played and beat various Jumpmaster lists more times than I lost to them. Throughout I back relaxed into my natural game again and flew far better for it.

Overwise it was another excellent X-Wing event, the biggest in the world so far and a genuine privelige to be a part of.

Naturally we talked a lot of shop during the event. With the obvious explosion of X-Wing there's a much bigger field of good players out there. Events are bigger, longer and far more competitive. Lady Luck's fickle fortune feels magnified alk the way through from maych up to how the dice fall. This is quite obviously a good thing for the game but the competitive scene has definitely morphed in a different beast, far more muscular and attritional rhan it has ever been.

For myself I've had a great weekend gaming but I'm shattered. No Hanger Bay for me, I won't be able to do it justice and I don't want to kill my buzz.
I'm off to the Expo itself to remind myself again why I love being a geek ;)

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