Friday, 3 June 2016

Sunny side up?

So, yesterday's trip up was delayed a touch but no-one died so all good.

The hotel is fine, I consumed a particularly good double burger and most importantly we picked up all of our event tickets and found the gaming hall. This year it's been upgraded from sweaty marquee to actual bricks and mortar with air conditioning which is a big deal. Definitely still shorts at the ready.
The biggest concern remaining is how robust event logistics will be. It's not a lack of trust in the organisers, more that we've been round the block a fair few times ourselves. 450 odd gamers tomorrow will be interesting.

Major bonus so far has been the programme which has been put together with a decent number of proper articles as well as all the usual info.

Having discussed my recent gaming woes at length on the trip up it has become clear that I simply need to get my mojo back a touch so that's the main objective for the weekend. I'd also like to get a decent look round the main event 45 as that didn't happen last year at all. I'm fairly sure ove got some free time Sunday morning ;)

Anyway, breakfast!

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