Thursday, 28 May 2015

Taking Stock

Hello people,
For those of you who have noticed, yes it's been a little while. A combo of being overly busy and not too much to say other than the same old same old. It has helped that my laptop seems to have had something go pop and suddenly won't take charge.
Similarly I dropped a Dumbell on my uninsured smartphone recently and the time without one highlighted just how dependant I am on one for blogging ad much as anything/everything else!
So in recent weeks X-Wing has, unsurprisingly continued to dominate as Nationals up at UK Games Expo is this weekend coming up. I have no grand expectations other than wishing to give a decent account and enjoy my first full tourney weekend for quite sometime.
To that end Boba Smurf has seen plenty of exclusive play recently including a couple of more casual events. Mid table will suit me well and the escalation games on Sunday will be something different.
Meanwhile Infinity continues to take hold with 6 of us at the club committing it'll be my Tuesday night game of choice for a while. Last week a lot "clicked" for me and I gave a much better game with my Shasvassti utilising their cloak and dagger style far better. Learning the Camo rules properly was a big bonus for all involved!
Rolling on myself and Dave split an Op Icestorm box set with myself taking the Nomads. I'm also taking Jon's Icestorm Nomads from him to double up, theory being that with far less special rules I should be able to concentrate on learning the core game a bit better. Also, the model range is SUPER COOL!!
So with two fledging factions and Rob's Tohaa very painstakingly put together all other projects have been swept aside in a fit of reality. The paint station has been cleared with a number of slightly dusty refugees consigned to cases and a paint restock list being drawn up! The always rather ambitious projects list has received a similar dose of reality ;)
With X-Wing playing a lot of Boba has been the smart move and also a lot of fun but after the weekend some variation will be required.
After all you know what they say about all work and no play! I assume that also applies to Toys ;)

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