Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New(ish) Beginnings

So do you see what I did there? Well I entertained myself at least :)

Right now I have two and a half weeks on leave from work. As is so often the case I'm setting myself some hobby targets while I'm off. For once I'm going to keep it simple as I've done this many times before and constantly underachieved by over-reaching.

Following KISS I'm simply going to "sort out as much Infinity stuff as possible". I will also post every other day in an effort to exhort / shame myself into further efforts.

Loose targets are as follows;

- sort out my Nomads
- sort out Rob's Tohaa
- sort out a scenery "package"
- sort out a rules & accessories "package"
- learn some of the rules and concepts that have been eluding me

None of these are too taxing individually and the intent is to avoid taking on a grand plan doomed to failure from the outset. I may bribe and corrupt myself along the way...... infact I'm sure it's almost a certainty..... probably with that Iguana TAG I almost bought at Dark Sphere Thursday night ; )

For now the Shasvassti will sit in reserve as I get the feeling that they're a bridge, or two, too far and will lead to ultimate defeat.

Today is clearing decks as I generally sort and tidy my life, go and play footy and then drop round to Rich's for a 300 point shootout.

Day 1 is tomorrow :)

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