Thursday, 25 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 10 prt 2

Hello people,

So technically I've slipped into day 11 but hey not by much and these are my guidelines I'm bending :)

 As below I've finished up 10 of Rob's Tohaa. I went pretty much the box colour scheme, other than turning them all ginger for a bit of a focus colour. As with my Brigada I've discovered that Infinity figures really benefit from as clean a paint job as you can manage. That pretty much reflects the sculpts themselves which are what I'd call a "true" scale rather than "heroic", clean and crisp without becoming busy.

Once I'd worked that one out they paint up pretty quickly whilst still rewarding attention to detail. It makes all of that construction pain well worth it, more or less. Another 20 Painting Points in the bag and I reckon I can get everything finished before heading back to the grindstone......more or less ;)

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