Tuesday, 30 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 15

Hello people,

A bit more of gap between posts but as I head back to work on Thursday things ramp up much as they often do. Since last time various bits of progress have been made.

First I kind of cracked down at Dark Sphere last Thursday and made a number of "relevant investments". First up I picked up a couple of Micro Art scenery pieces that give me a complete 4x4 with a number of options. The security tower should fit on top of the administrative block for an extra bit of hight. I'll keep my eyes open for extras but I'm happy with the set so that one's sorted.

Whilst digging through their scenery stock I also came across a set of WarArsenal acrylic silhouette markers which I couldn't resist. Adding a laser pointer means I now have rules, army lists, tokens and accessories covered off.
I've also spent some time researching list options, as in what I've got versus what I'd like to run at 300 points. Part of this has meant looking at some of my duplicate figures having doubled up on Op Icestorm. Specifically my two Grenzer snipers will be painted up as a Spektr and an Intruder respectively. One of my Spektrs will become a Zero, a Reverend Moria a Tunguska Inventnor and a female Aguacile becomes Ms Balboa.

I'm not sure that such proxies are entirety tourney legal but that's not too huge an issue for the moment. Picking up the support pack leaves me looking for a few remotes to round out my options for a good while. I'm also going to pick up a KR case for storage.

To that end my Attack Wing Klingons have made it onto flea bay along with along few X-Wing Rebel alternate art and crew cards.

Last but not least the Nomads have had some brush time and now that I'm into the swing I'm confident of getting everything done before heading back to the grindstone.

A clear weekend remains as backup ; )

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