Friday, 12 June 2015

Old Beginnings

Hello people,
Yes it's been a while again for most of the same old reasons. Another reason has been that my laptop has, unsurprisingly, failed to sort itself out and so is currently at the mercy of PC World.
Yes I know but I'm immensely tech illiterate for a geek and it's the easier option. Having said that I have realised that if the situation is terminal replacing like with like might not be the best option. I haven't gamed on it for years so it's primary use is Internet,  email and occasional word processing. Surely a tablet might be a better option? I assume I can connect the right tablet to a wireless printer? Feel free to enlighten me :)
So, back at the point of the post I attended the X-Wing Nationals in Birmingham a couple of weekends back. It was my first proper weekend tourney for far too long and long story short I had a great time.
On the Saturday I went 4-2 with Boba Smurf to place 25th of 118 of which I'm hugely proud. All the practice paid off and with a  bit of luck I feel I outperformed the list which is testament to the balance and variety within the game.
On the Sunday I went 3-3 flying casual in the escalation event with a Soontir swarm that I learnt a good deal more about. The format also threw up some really interesting lists despite the much smaller field.
One downside was that by playing 6 games each day I saw nothing of Games Expo which was a shame though we had Infinity in with us on the Sunday which I strolled past a few times.
The other downside was drawing a few Win At All Costs  (WAAC) players,  two each day. I've found that these guys are definitely a minority within the X-Wing community and I suppose nationals were always going to attract them.
I don't feel there's too much to get funny about with X-Wing but there's still scope for quick rolling, nudges and bendy templates / arcs of fire. Otherwise there's the usual gamesmanship and general bloody mindedness ;)
What was slightly different was my second game on the Saturday saw me roll four double evades in a row with Boba at which point my opponent requested that I change my rolling technique. Apparently he wasn't accusing me of cheating except for the way he kept on about it. It has at least become a fun in joke for a couple of months :)
Two difficult games each day was hard work and did mar an otherwise excellent weekend. I won 3 of those 4 games but it felt so unnecessary. I have wondered if it's a tactic to frustrate people into making mistakes but each to their own. I was there to play my games in a positive manner and so was the vast majority of the field.
I've had the conversation with people that those affected with WAAC seem to have little else going on for them and it over compensation. It's almost a diagnosable condition but I'm not in healthcare at which point the short sharp shock method is my preferred option. Nothing rude but a couple of polite open challenges can work wonders.
It's hard work but to me if you don't challenge you condone. I've reversed a template placement, asked for dice to be left on the table for more than 3 seconds. Firm but fair. I imagine it's much like dealing with a five year old....... ;)
At the end of the day we all know they're out there. Let them have their version of OUR game but don't let them ruin YOUR game, YOUR hobby.
On that note I've really enjoyed stepping up my X-Wing game. Thursday nights at Dark Sphere have been a huge positive in so many different ways. To that end some of us will making the trip to Copenhagen for the Scandinavian Nationals and I'm definitely up for it :)
186 for the win ;)

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