Wednesday, 17 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 2

Okay people, welcome to the first update post :)

In the last couple of days reasonable progress has been made on almost all fronts with a little bit of Shasvassti bonus in the mix.

Construction, basing and undercoat of ALL figures WILL be completed tomorrow. I just need to finish my Shasvassti drones and reposition a couple of Nomad duplicates. The only fly in the ointment is that Rob's TAG is missing a shoulder-pad which will require a customer service interface :/

I've put together a box of relevant scenery from my collection though I need to track down some AT-43 bits which seem to have gone AWOL. Rich is dropping round tomorrow night for a game which will give me the chance to layout the majority of it.

I've also had my new Galaxy Tab 4 delivered today which I have setup, and upon which I currently type, downloading all of the rules and FAQ from the Infinity site and sorted out links to the online army builder. A colour printer is on the hitlist for lists and tokens.
A bit of everything but progress!
Tomorrow I need to read up on Hacking and then Thursday the brushes shall be unleashed. So, relatively small steps so far but a few of them. Walking before running and all that ;)

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