Wednesday, 1 July 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 16

Taa daa......actual painted Nomads!!

So thats 6 Agaucils, including Ms Balboa, my proxy Iventnor, my proxy Spektr sniper, my actual Spektr and my proxy Zero (more white) finished, varnished and everything for another 20 Painting Points.

That leaves just the Tomcats and Reverend Moria fromy my initial pile and the Auxilliaries for Rob's Tohaa which is very achievable for Day 16.

I got a 200 point game in with Rob tonight and the newly varnished brigade let me down badly in the opening turns, as expected, despite actually designing an army list with an actual plan to it. Thankfully the basecoated Tomcats did all of the heavy lifting, flamethrower stylee, to drag things back and snatch victory at the last. I played much better with a definite game plan using the Tomcats far more intelligently. They deserve that paint!

Better photos to follow but here's the group for now;

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