Monday, 6 July 2015

Beyond Thunderdome #1

Hello people,

I have to admit that I enjoyed To INFINITY and Beyond so much that I couldn't let it die. As such the ongoing project will become Thunderdome as an homage to much of my influence for the scenery set and my viewpoint on the game as grown up Necromunda. Also it should serve to stop me repearedly almost buying sets of Dark Future on Ebay!
First up I bought myself an Iguana as a birthday present. Father dearest has also procured some remotes, though I'm not sure which as yet. My Klingon fleet sold for £65 which will be recycled into more remotes. This will give me options for Hacker / Corrigedor lists upto 400 points and the intention to complete a box set per week.
Scenery will be a rolling project and the weeks progress has been getting the Micro Art Admin Block and Gaurd Tower put together and put through a few levels of spray. I still feel that I'm lying a bit of height but table time will tell. I have a few ideas brewing.

More cruise control rather than high pursuit :)

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