Monday, 13 July 2015

WORK sucks. make it better

Hello people,

I've not said much because there's not been too much to say. Going back to work and having a few other bits on has meant very minimal Hobby-time.

I've managed to build and base the Nomad support pack and Iguana but that's been about it. I've managed a few games and worked on a Corrigedor list. Played significantly better with the Tomcats.

"Investment" wise I've done much better. Father dearest also got me a Meteor Zond and I've picked up a pack of basic art stencils to try out at some point. The Klingon fleet has now been recycled into a few more remotes and a Med-Tech "Doctor Worm". A C3-PO card went today as well so there's some reserves as well.

Rob has also mentioned that he's ordered a few bits so I forsee super-glued figures in my near future. Back to the grindstone; )

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