Friday, 17 July 2015

Hit and Run

Hello people,

Yes, yet another I haven't done too much this week though that isn't entirely true.

Tuesday night at the club we ran through several rounds of an Infinity TAG mini game, that I shall attempt to link at some point, for which I did complete putting together my Iguana. Rich also gifted me some of Ancenotti's particularly lovely resin scenery pieces consisting of a bubble car and a pair of bikes and vending machines for which I'm very grateful.
Rob also dropped off his latest Tohaa acquisitions while I then came home to my own Nomad and Shasvassti reinforcements on the doorstep. These were soon followed by the sets of Tau transfers that I picked up from E-Bay. As such Lead Mountain has grown somewhat and is currently spread about the flat in an attempt to disguise itself.

Meanwhile tomorrow is another day out playing X-Wing for which I'very recent lying repainted a trio of M3A Interceptors and another Z95. I will set up the photo box over the weekend and have a major shoot of recent additions.

You have been warned :)

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