Friday, 31 July 2015

And now for something.....

.....completely different.

Another busy week elsewhere unfortunately but hey that's life.
Last Sunday was another X-Wing tourney this time run by Warboar down in Croydon, ostensibly as a celebratory event for 186 Squadron. Plenty of the  squadron were in attendance and as such it was always going to be a high end field.
Following the recent dual IG-2000 backlash I ran my own counter list which just happened to be another Firespray / Swarm combo;

Kath Scarlet - Predator - Mangler Cannon - Tactician - Engine Upgrade
Academy TIE Fighter x 4
At range two Kath can punt out two Stress which is going to cause anyone grief. The swarm swarm. Simples!
In short I went 4-1 to claim 4th which was very pleasing. More than that I flew well every game and it was mainly dice that cost me game 3. My opponents were varied and included one double IG list where I took control early and never let go. Four shuttles was the toughest game of the day and far closer than the scoreline suggested.
Without trying to big myself up too much I now play this game to a high level, thankfully while having fun, which is something I haven't often said about the games I've played over the years.

Dark Sphere have their own tourney Sunday and it'll be the same list again before we head off to the Scandinavian Nationals in Copenhagen. Never done that before either!

Before that Rich and I are heading down to Tonbridge tomorrow for what will be my first Infinity tourney. I don't expect much other than a steep learning curve. It will be interesting as well as educational to be at the other end of the field.

First and foremost though it's always about playing the game and rolling sone dice, at least it is for me :)

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