Monday, 3 August 2015

It's a hard life ;)

Hello people,

So basically I spent the whole weekend gaming and I'm knackered. Definitely looking for a soft day in the office but ill be smiling so not a problem.

Saturday myself and Rich headed down to Tonbridge Wells for the Totally Crit 3rd ITS tournament. I was in a state of mild trepidation as I'd still call myself a novice player and this was an official ranked event. As was always likely to be the case there was no need as the Totally Crit guys, check out their podcast / Facebook etc, run a laid back and welcoming event. Also I've done more than enough events in my time ;)

As previously mentioned my expectations were set at "learning experience" so I was as suprised as anyone when I actually won my first game. Luck was involved, with a string of impervious armour rolls, but I also felt that I played pretty well. Already more than happy with the day I lost the second fairly hard with several rushes of blood to the head. Point noted. 

Heading into the final game I beasted my perfectly amiable opponent off the table only to fail to pay due attention to the scenario. Scoring points for dominating horizontal zones across the table I pushed into a safe position in his deployment zone....only to find out they didn't score and as such lost the game where I should have won all ends up ;)
A great day out and, despite coming one off the bottom, one that will definitely be repeated soon. I'm really pleased that I finally hit the Infinity tourney scene as I'm sure it will only improve my game and as such my enjoyment of it.

So, back on more familiar territory myself, Mr C and Nigel headed down to Dark Sphere yesterday for a bit more X-Wing tourney action.
Due to inbound transport issues we were soon into the action. Running my Stress Kath list again I went 3-2 to place a respectable 11th. The two games I lost were also the best of the day against skilled, clean playing opponents with whom I also had a good laugh. Two of the game I won involved a certain amount of gameplay with more than a suggestion of slow play. 

So another good day out and some good experience flying my list against a few more archetypes. As with the whole weekend I generally know where I went wrong. This is never the end of the world for me. I'm not hugely competitive but I like to know that I've played as well as I can. Doing well in a tournament setting is almost a by-product of that. It's always easier to enjoy winning but the manner matters to me and many others. An easy win isn't necessarily an enjoyable win, for me at least.

As my previous post mentioned I've got pretty good at X-Wing. I'm not nearly so good at Infinity, yet at least ;) , but that doesn't mean I enjoy playing any less. In honesty between X-Wing and Infinity I'm pretty well set for quite sometime.

Happy Days :)  (whatever end of the rankings I'm at)

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