Friday, 14 August 2015

Scandi-licious part 2

Greetings from Ballerup!

Other than a slightly delayed flight the trip in was straight forward and uneventful.

Rocking up at the venue this morning you could hear the event logistics continue to creak but at the end of the day Imperial Assault, Netrunner, Conquest, Star Wars LCG and Armada tourneys have taken place which is a big win all the way around and a major achievement on the part of Vince and his crew.

After a leisurely stroll and lunch in town Nigel hit the Armada tables while I hit one of the many sofas for some pre tourney R&R. It has to be said that the venue is A1 with a well stocked bar and plenty of amenities just round the corner. Rumours are that space may be an issue from tomorrow but a lack of faith is often disturbing!

Currently two of the 186 are in the running to take the Armada title. International prize sniping ahoy!

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