Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Week Off - Update 1

Hello people,

Wednesday afternoon and all is going surprisingly well. Never as productive as I'd prefer to be but pretty good all the same.
The warehouse went together easier than I initially thought it might. There were internal walls and stairs that I left but have kept had of them as an option. A couple of coats of hairspray sealant did the job nicely. Sprayed black, brown and then dusted grey has given a decently grubby look. Basic details are blocked in so I'll print some Infinity posters for detail before weathering. A job more than half done.

Meanwhile the Hound's Tooth and Natasha Pup are similarly block painted awaiting wash and highlight. The layout of the scheme formed itself fairly organically though the variation in the panels is a technique I saw a month or so ago and really liked. Another job more than half done.

So far,so good :)

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