Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Big Boys Don't Cry # 2

Hello people,

A little later than billed, as I went and saw Deadpool Sunday night, but the TAGs are done :) In a lot of ways their size actually made them easier paints, given their strong, simple lines. There was plenty of wash work and getting the white clean was as long a job as you'd expect but all to the good.

I'm claiming a modest 3 Painting Points per TAG and 2 for the Iguana pilot. Hopefully the greens look as good to you as they do to me. As previously mentioned I'm now just 5 figures away from a fully painted Nomad force........scary!

I also tried the Open Camera app on my pad which is far better than the pad itself but still not great. I'll get some scenery out to do a group shot once everything is done so I'll likely reshoot these again at the same time.

Brace yourself ;)

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