Thursday, 17 March 2016

INFINITY and Beyond

Hello people,

Yes, a somewhat worn pun but highly relevant as my Nomads are now that rarest of hobby items i.e. fully painted. I'll just pause for a moment; I HAVE A FULLY PAINTED FORCE OF NOMADS :)

Obviously that was a result of my week off during which I've also added to my Infinity scenery set. As part of that I wanted to add some graphitti into the mix which didn't really happen. I found reference to rub on transfers but they were out of stock everywhere. I did manage to find many sheets of posters on the Infinity forums so printed a load and ended up putting them on all of my non card buildings, literally slapping them on fly-poster style with watered PVA. While I was at it I sorted out some better storage for the scenery with a decent plastic box from B&Q;
You may have noticed that's there's enough room in here for some more stuff. In short I intend to fill that space, probably at a rate of a piece or two a month for a little while. A few more bigger pieces first and I want to look at what else I can do with the cardboard units. With Corvus Belli running Flamestrike I've been reading a few battle reports and noticed that a lot of people are using traditional green tables, hills and forests, with buildings and crates which also look really good. I'll keep going with the industrial theme for now but jungle also appeals.

On the subject of Flamestrike, that and the club's Paradiso campaign will be getting me plenty of games for the foreseeable and I'll be varying my Nomad lists as much a possible. Moving on from them I've got a small Shaasvasti force that's been sitting around for a while. Having learnt a lot about the game I've got a couple of lists worked out that use a lot of Camo. I want to get some time in with my Nomad Camo options before I move onto them. I also have a specific idea for painting them so a definite back burner project for a while.

So, without too much further prevarication; The Red Devils

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