Monday, 14 May 2012

Slowly slowly, catchie Frenchy

Bonsoir Madame et Monsieur,
Once again this evening real life has intervened and prevented me from working on the DW French any further. Last night however, with Tintin as DVD backdrop, I did at least re-basecoat the entire fleet and even drybrush up some of the cruisers and frigates to test the theory whilst moving on a little further.

Cest voila!.......

Only got the whites upto a light grey but hopefully you can see where it's going. Will be going for a bit of classic pine decking, remember Ground Force?, which I plan to wash read as I read on a proper historical forum that some WWII French ships had red lino sections around the gun positions.

Black tipped Tricholore funnels and white masts plus the odd bit of weathered copper, red washed again, as a bow to the necessity of steam-punk. Less classic and more fantastic than I was originally going for but I'm already much happier. Possibly add in a bit of green-grey at the waterline but I'll see.

Did actually manage a second / third game with Stewart Saturday night and I've uploaded the photos onto a potential lunch-break post as I've remembered the stand-alone PC at work!

Cest formidable :)

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