Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Two Tribes

Last Tuesday I performed the minor miracle of actually turning up at the club, Enfield Gamers, and taking part in Rich's Fantasy SAGA campaign.

Being a game behind, having not played for a while and drawing Rich's Skraelings as opponents (not played against them before) I wasn't over-optimistic about result and in all honestly gratefully settled in to a probable "suck it and see" game.

Can't quite remember the name of the scenario but it involved gaining victory points for controlling the three, equidistantly placed, terrain pieces. Toting plenty of hearthgaurd types against the Skraeling warrior horde I sipped on my tea and relaxed further into my expected thonging.
Early doors and the direct approach!
Rich picking up first turn saw him surge into his local forest and bundle up the central hill, led by his Warlord giving it a bit of Charlie Big-Potatoes to seize the initiative and lay the gauntlet firmly in my direction. Quickly deciding that I didn't fancy my chances in outplaying him through the scenario I moved everything but my levy up towards the hill, picking up the "mislaid" gauntlet intending to return it with vigour.

Fully aware that I was risking my Warlord and retinue I awaited on onslaught that never really came other than a number of sharply propelled javelins, which claim a couple of my best boys but left me otherwise unscathed. As such I felt sure that I was being baited for a cunning trap........
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!
......which I simply steamed straight into.

Decent SAGA dice were focused onto the Hearthgaurd and their support and the assault began. Heathgaurd plus Warlord steamed into a big unit of warriors. Can't remember the ability name but after the first round I forced an immediate second round, prior to fatigue or retreat, and wiped the lot.
Happy to oblige!
The supporting Hearthys took on the Skraeling retinue, carefully avoiding the Warlord, to do exactly the same leaving Charlie Big-Potatoes all on his Jack Jones with an eight strong warrior band eyeing his feathers. In for a penny, in for a pound!
Three hits! One ignored, one saved AND.........one for the kill! On turn two!!

We both just sat there, sipping tea and wondering what had just happened and exactly how!

Mopping up the stragglers
After that, despite Rich's best efforts, it was, unfortunately, something of a one-sided affair. With a very offensive battle-board I was initially caught in two minds, sit on the terrain and take the points or go for the kill. Carrying a few casualties I went for a bit of option one followed by option for any feathered type that got too near.

Rich did make a suicide run at my Warlord, who survived by the skins of his meat-shield, and then beat a retreat to avoid a possible wipe-out. Finishing off another couple of units the variable game turn length ended proceedings before that became a possibility.

Having pulled of such a result my boy "Gonk" has become rather heralded gaining Reknown hand over fist, gaining warriors, arm-rings a settlement and a shaman almost overnight. So much for a catch up game!

The orcish Skalds may bellow his name but the Skraelings will be howling for revenge :)

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