Friday, 1 June 2012

Pride and Predjudice

Hello people and welcome to another delayed after-action battle report.

Monday night Stewart dropped primarily so that I could make up my missed first round of the club's Warhammer Invasion campaign and secondarily so that he could take up my previously blogged intention to play a proper game of Dwarf Kings Hold without being an arse.

Primary task completed, I just about won the three game round thonged in the first, squeeked the second and romped the third, I was already in a better frame of mind and with a positive mindset, thanks to Project Pandora, I settled in to a cup of tea and opened my mind a little.

Based on the same set of mechanics as Pandora the game played very similarly, very much as expected.

A similar, but blindly drawn, token activation sequence provides an element of resource management as well as the need to co-ordinate your forces whilst pre-empting you opponent. Opposed dice rolls for combat also means that both players remaining active throughout despite the relatively IGO-UGO turn structure.

The basic mechanics are VERY simple, reminds me of LOTR in that respect, but racial special abilities and effects give greater variation than just the statline and give the Dwarves and Undead their relevant flavour.
Playing a couple of scenarios through, taking each side in turn, results were genuinely varied effected by tactics as much as the vagaries of the dice. Identification and control of various choke-points throughout the floor-plan add an element of  urgency and tension to the game as well as the scenario.

Use of fighting arcs and facings can be critical and can seem a little technical at times but not overly "rulesy", more efficient use of the rules which is unavoidable with any system.
All of these comments are just as applicable to Project Pandora and I've found all of the scenarios I've played to be well constructed and balanced. I do feel that both games tread a fine line in that respect and that it might not be so easy to construct your own scenarios. Thankfully Mantic are doing a good job of providing supplements along with additional troop types to spice up your games.

So, another good fun "little" game from Mantic. But one that deserves to be treated with respect!

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