Friday, 22 June 2012

This is NOT Sparta!

How much for a Finecast Orc Shaman!!!
Hello people, 300th post don't you know and an apt time for one of those retro/intro-spective posts that I'm sure we all enjoy reading all so much :)

As I have bemoaned previously and my recent posts and lack of painting points demonstrates over the last couple of months I have been playing but not playing.

This has been due to LIFE and as mentioned I've not really minded up til now but a probable 4th month without a painting point has arrived.

Along with a few other events I have felt the need to further define my more focused (+ve spin) / restricted (-ve spin) hobby goals. The recent GW price rise and 40K froth has finally killed any lingering desires to return to "the good old days" as they've not existed for sometime taking with them any gaming that's not skirmish. Even the alternatively retro pull of 15mm Sci-Fi has finally been designated ILLOGICAL :(
Aren't you a little short for an Uruk Hai?

That however is where the bad news ends :)

I've REALLY got into SAGA recently and not just because I've been winning but because I've finally caught onto it's full scope thanks to Rich's Fantasy style campaign down at the club.

My gratitude Mr Jones!

So much so in fact that I've finally bitten the bullet and picked up 44 Mordor Orcs and 20 Uruk-Hai via E-Bay for the princely sum of £35. A couple of dozen more Uruk-Hai scouts may join them along with a couple of characters but that will be it.
Beards! Dozens of them!!
Re-based onto tuppences this will give me everything I need to play any faction I like and keep the Fantasy angle covered with what I'm happy will be a good degree of "authenticity".

Watching The Return of the King again the other week I remembered how much I like the feel and background of the force, painted and sold previously, and how much I've enjoyed playing with them.

With sabots at the reading they can also work for Impetus, Fantasy or otherwise, as a few of us occasionally threaten.
Another shout-out to Mr Jones for my recent introduction to Muskets and Tomahawks, upon which I have recently blogged lyrical, which will so easily reclaim St Peytersburg from it's stalled project status. Smiles all round.

With my birthday a mere fortnight away I've even been brave enough to request both rulesets and some Perry Indians from my nearest and / or dearest :)

That covers those bases but what about the traditional indulgence of ones present to oneself?

Dystopian Wars still lurks offshore and though becalmed I have 90% of what I need / want, other than the application of paint. A campaign will appear at the club at some point. One way or the other games WILL be played. I digress.
Two choices seem to remain. Further investment in Warhammer Invasion or something completely different and a $100 Kickstarter investment in to Zombicide. Once again I've blogged about both.

WI is the "safe" option. A game that I do and will continue to play and enjoy giving me what I actually want from GW, feel and fluff, in a way that their products can't. Almost a no-brainer, an expansion on a current vice that doesn't stretched my more focused / restricted TIME resource.

Zombicide however is a new format for me in a lot of ways and something of a shot in the dark. Multi-use comes as it would provide most of what I need for modern day St Peytersburg but how long would it sit about for, a la Space-Hulk though does that matter?

So SAGA plus Muskets and Tomahawks ably supported by Warhammer Invasion. Just how focused do I want / need to be? Opinions welcome :)

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