Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach V

A bit more proxy Dreadball live last night at the Enfield Gamers saw myself and Chris match up again for a fairly leisurely game exploring a little bit more of Season 2. I took Robots whilst Chris continues with Z'Zor ably assisted for a bit by Rob who spent some time working out nasty potential advancement combos.

Once again the Big Bug Gaurd was an absolute beast. I'd already planned to try to lock out the 3/4 zone with the intention to transform those lads into Gaurds and run around the others as necessary. As the Away team this seemed to suit and I set up the other bots in midfield.
My first rush...........interesting!
Big Bug was obviously hungry and as such proceeded to send three of my bots back to their mechanic, two actions and a Slam card, before I'd even touched a dice! Thankfully Chris' now typical dice allowed him an easy pickup but a failed one dice two pointer.

With plans in tatters I was forced to transform one of my backline into a Striker and go for it. As so often in DB I ended up, with the help of an opportune card, with a 2 pointer and an unexpected lead. I also noticed just how good a Bot Striker is...... As the game developed Chris levelled the scores as I grappled with Big Bug. I did knock him down once and failed a huge Stomp attempt though he got up easily enough with 4+ Speed. Then we remembered that Steady meant he shouldn't have been there at all!

Damn bugs, tough like roaches!
He just wouldn't go squish!!
He really does have to be one of the best Gaurds in the game with mobility, strength and huge resilience. A matching buddy in leagues and MC bonused tourneys is a no brainer. Just Can't Feel A Thing is huge. Even get a huge eight success Slam in on a Bug Jack didn't leave a proper dent. Get them Steady and you'd quickly have a team of granite!

Having said that Bot Gaurds aren't too far off themselves, easily equal to an Orx but combo'd up with their Strikers. Better than Corp or Veermyn is easily pulled a 4 pointer on the restart. Their 3+ Speed gets them wherever they want to go and 4+ Skill does the rest most of the time.

The obvious limitation is spending an action to transform but after Chris' dice let him down AGAIN I had a minor eureka moment;

- Transform Jack 1 into Striker 1
- Jack 2 picks up the ball (minor miracle) and throws short to Striker 1
- Striker 1 catches ball on a double for a free run plus two Dashes.
- Striker 1 runs plus one Dash to make a 3 point strike and take the game!

Lots of post game chatter about where, when and why you might transform your Bots. It did occur that a major strength is the ability to tailor your team's make up to you opponent. Judwan and Feint are the big thing at the mo so maybe I'd go with loads of Strikers for a 4 dice 3+ dodge and out to them? Everyone knows Corp are strong, Bot Guards and Strikers are stronger and you can have them where you want them when you want them.

That first rush did show the potential weakness of what is a times a 6 Jack team. Get the feeling that I'm going to enjoy playing them. Looking to go for a rusty copper look with some source lighting which I've not tried before.

Bit of chatter about how to use the Z'Zor as well. Chris left the Strikers on the bench, mainly due to Skill 5+, I couldn't convince him the the extra dice you get for so much is worth that drop but then I've not tried myself yet. Got a scheme in mind from them too, can't stop thinking District 9 and a poor Boer impression.

Maybe next week, eh bru? :)

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