Monday, 6 May 2013


So following my recent bleatings about utilising Salute to work out what i did want to play, coupled with a vague attempt at a refocus down at the club, I seem to be focusing on getting the most out of what I've got rather than searching for the next big thing.

Incidentally there seems to be something of a shift where the next big thing now seems to come searching for me, often via TGN with a link to it's Kickstarter campaign but that's another rant for another time.

Got a few full Geek boardgames with War on Terror through to Crash Tackle along with a load of Warhammer Invasion plus.

A couple of moves recently saw some serious dents into the mountain of tin & plastic but there's plenty in cases. After several years of slimming its nowhere near what it was but there's still plenty.

In vague grouping order I have cased;

- 1000 points of painted Dacian Warmaster Ancients with another 1000 points of Gaul, Briton and Sarmation units
- 20 painted 28mm gladiators
- A dozen or so painted AWI British, minutemen and civilians.
- A part painted platoon of Back of Beyond Ragged Russians
- North Star 42mm squad of WWII Russians with some paint, squad of Brit Paras with none
- A painted platoon of 15mm WWII Jap Marines
- Painted 10mm WWII Russian FOW tank force
- A fully painted set of Space Hulk
- Painted Norse and Chaos Dwarf teams for Blood Bowl
- AT-43 rebased and washed Oni battle-force
- AT-43 Damocles set waiting to be tarted up
- 40+ Rebased Star Wars pre-paints plus some random sci-fi figs
- A platoon of Copplestone near future mercs painted as Rogue Troopers
- Painted Ragnarok Orc and Goblin warband
- Painted Bone Griffons Uncharted Seas fleet, just sens
- Painted French Dystopian Wars fleet
- 30+ painted generic zombies
- Dozen or so painted ghouls, ghasts, witch, warlock and beasties
- Dreadball Corp, Orx and Veermyn fully painted

The mountain itself is dominated by British and French AWI, SAGA LoTR Uruks, Orcs and Goblins along with a few Ragnarok bits plus Dreadball Forge Fathers, Z'Zor, Robots and Cheerleaders. Zombiecide season 2 will add significantly come the end of the year!

Going through has been useful, not sure I'll be shifting too much of it (that which would go) but definitely not looking to add. Plenty of proxy potential especially for stuff like Deadzone which I'm keen to try but feeling wary of exactly what it is. Downloaded the basic Infinity rules and looking to do the same for Dark Age. Not being cheap just sensible........... no slippers just yet though ;]

Like having the projects tab to keep me on the straight and narrow and this will continue. Dreadball and Dark Heresy to dominate for a while and then some SAGA. Tempted to pick up some proper Dark Age plastics, so cheap and we all know I want to but I don't NEED very much at all.

We shall see!

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