Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Suffer not the HERETIC!

Sorry, I think, it's been a little while. No worries if you haven't missed me :)

To be honest I've possibly been a bit busy elsewhere or haven't really had too much to say, of actual interest, or show off. Been sneaking around on Skyrim a bit trying to get myself into the Thieves Guild as a prior to the Dark Brotherhood. Haven't really bothered with the main plot and haven't missed it! Figures wise I've built, based and sprayed up all my Dreadball season 2 to sit next to the Forge Fathers on the prep try, plenty ot get through :)

I have finalyy finished off the first batch of 40K cultists for Dark Heresy and have rather enjoyed them, they're nice figures and painted up well. I've got a lot more used to the clear bases now and have become something of a convert. A fairly limited, drab palette I varied my blocks as best I could to avoid as much repetition as possible. That's eight in the case and a dozen more to go, 16 PPs to kick start that one back into life.

Having missed a week we manged a session last Thursday (previous session here), minus Charlie, and spent the evening investigating n' that, not firing a single shot. We did all have a little pre-game heart to heart concerning recent difficulties in an attempt to align our understanding of the game mechanics, background, role etc and I'm happy to report that it was all very positive.

Chasing a few sideplots entirely of our own making we eventually made it to the site of the cathedral which, unexpectedly to us, has a wall and plenty of guns as well as a abbot who was too busy to see us. We had found the sacred rock on the trip and spent a lot of time documenting the various markings so got a yocal to translate which gave us another sacred site a day's travel away.

On the way up we felt that our Seer support hadn't been overly useful, they being sideplots of our own making, and his constant shooing along had aggravated one or two of us (not me for once honest!) so when he tried pulling rank over sacred site 2 there were a few open and honest exchanges. We'd also been spooked a mysterious dude in a big hat who had appeared on the rocks above us on the approach promptly disappearing leaving some ritual markings burned into the rock. We felt that we'd had no chance of getting anywhere near him and Super-Seer was, once again, less than forthcoming.

Cue discussion around the apparently overly linear nature of the adventure and a bit more picking at perceived plot-holes. It was at lest a constructive conversation and everyone went home happier about it. Hopefully next time we get to shoot someone, we're mcuh better at that, especially now we have the figures :)

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