Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lucky 13?

Hello people, the hypocrite returns ;]

Decent day out yesterday with Mantic. The venue was a novel one, a closed NHS drop in centre in the process of being renovated. Apparently it had only just been closed down when the Mantic chaps first went to view only to roll in last Thursday to find most of the electrics ripped and the water turned off. Thusly it was a touch "atmospheric" with a pair of portaloos in the car park, very good snack wagon though.

So, I was player 13 of 30 for Dreadball, a monster game of KoW, Dreadzone demos, a Warpath siege and a bunch of very popular seminars plus a zombie LARP thing. Scarily little H&S, we were all rather glad we got in on free tickets, simply wasn't enough there to charge for. Did get a little grab bag with a couple of DB coaches and a sprue of gobbos to take home.

Four games of DB netted three wins all against Corp, two by landslide, with the loss a very quick landslide to Rich's Judwan. With 20MC bonus I took a Dice and two Striker skills. Went with my back three lock out flying my Strikers about and barely throwing a Slam.

Playing as the Away team every game this generally did the job always having that final Rush if needed. Against Rich's Jud I set up the same way and very quickly realised that it was the worst thing to do, especially as he'd locked out his own backline. He could move mine around while I was in no position to do the same his. Went far more mobile but the damage was done all too quickly.

Judwan took the top three places and in a tourney format look very difficult to take on. It would seem you have to try and out Jud them, which isn't easy though maybe Veermyn have a good chance or Bots loading up on Strikers. Plenty of chatter post tourney on the subject, interesting to see the DB arms race shift.
 Rich took the title and the other four of us gave good account so a good day for the club as well.

Plenty of obvious interest in Dreadzoine and it was cool to see it all up close but still not going there. Maybe the rules and the cards at some point but don't see myself going any farther than that.

Apparently, maybe unsurprisingly, Mantic and Ronnie are very happy with KS and envisage one each quarter plus a few mini KSs for individual armies.
As I said before, each to their own :)

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