Friday, 4 September 2009

Aussie, aussie, aussie......

Quite unbelieveably i've failed to mention England regaining the ashes.

Australian sport, or at least the bits that I pay attention to Rugby Union and Cricket, seems to be having a bit of a hard time at the mo.

The Wallabies are having a torrid tri-nations against the imperious Springboks and even the stuttering All Blacks. I watched last weeks game as they were kept bottled up for the first three quarters, spilling possession, penalties and making error after error.
Makes a change from teh blokes in white doing the same.

During the Ashes, the convicts scored many more centuries than England and finished with the three top wicket takers in the series. But somehow England, with Broad's timely purple patch at the Oval, took the honours.
With both sides inconsistent it came down to taking the chances that presented themselves, which England did twice and Australia only once.

The first ODI is currently in play so we shall see if I can jinx proceedings and for whom.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away, my intrepid band of players have completed thier first assignment fairly well unscathed. Despite a few blaster burns certain merchandise was recovered and delivered to some rather terse young men of the hooded variety.

More importantly, for me, several plot points were established as well as the openess of the format. I've been impressed and pleased at how much the players have put in and the tenseness of atmosphere that has been generated at the relevant times.

Two new jobs have been offered up from different employers and a number of decisons need to be made. Overall i'm really enjoying the experience after a long break from GMing.

Tomorrow meanwhile is the start of the new Rugby season and a day at Twickers for the double header. My beloved Wasps taken on the nefarious and evil Harlequins.

Oggy, oggy, oggy..... Wasps, Wasps, Wasps......... :)

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