Wednesday, 16 September 2009 easy as 1-2-3

HUZZAH..... points on the board!!

Life has been pretty much work, work and work over the last ten days so despite the girly being away for a while the brushes have remained somewhat inactive.

I have done a fair bit more work for the Clones roleplaying and I was well prepared for last night's session. Quite entertainingly the players managed to take things fairly off track but "WE" went with it and eventually got to back on track...... mostly!

As previously alluded to the chaps are on a recovery mission to recover an advanced prototype droid, designated HS-RVR-o1A. Obviously a suitable figure is required and this chap has been sat in a box for some time having been picked up as a Foundry pre-cast.

He's been spirited away by a swoop biker gang known as "The Small Numbers". The wookie, Chew-tofu has successfully made contact.

Painting wise, the size and simplicity of "RoVeR" helped greatly. The yellow scheme however I was far less comfortable as its one I found rathere challenging.

I ended up trying out a pre-shading technique using browns, with GW's Iyanden Darksun, as a base up to a fairly harsh bone drybrushed highlight. A yellow "wash" was then applied and a softer bone drybrush applied.

Non-yellow detail was painted in and GW's new Devlan Mud wash gave a sparklingly good result with what felt like minimal effort.

Highlights added and bingo-bango-bongo, four whole painting points.

Unfortunately the ironing awaits so thats all for the mo folks!!

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