Monday, 14 September 2009

Invaders must DIE!

Yesterday afternoon the missus and I went and saw District 9 at the flicks. She was unimpressed and felt that it was overly grim, I LOVED it!

It's a modern day sci-fi adventure shot in a semi-documentary style which I found to be a refreshingly new slant on the genre. The CGI is excellently understated, blending in beautifully to the film's grim real-life qualities which are a real antidote to all the "Trek shininess" which I personally can find so irritatingly insincere.

The anti apartheid sub-plot is somewhat overt with an execellently evil multi-corp doing it's thang as only evil multi-corps can. Threaded amongst amongst this, along with a voodoo worshipping Nigerian warlord, is a sensitive story of epic loss and the struggle to regain a two world's "humanity".

There is also genuine humour and many genuinely touching moments, similarly understanded. There's also just enough laser guns and a death by flying pig!
I really need to find some merchandise to purchase.

Apparantly i'm going to have to pay by being "chick-flicked" at some point, though this is a price that i'm more than happy to pay.

We also went to Wembley on Saturday for Saracens vs Northampton with the Dawes. Despite concerns that the stadium might dwarf the game it was not to be so and a very entertaining afternoon.
The first half was scrappy for both sides but the second half ignited quickly with the Saints unfortunate to be held off after an opportunistic Sarries try and a last gasp try of thier own being disallowed. An excellent game won by just 3 points.

More importantly Wasps beat Bath 17-15 at the Rec to top the table. Happy days. Next week is Worcester at home.

Young Nathan Dawe kindly enquired as to my progress with the big yellow robot. The answer, unfortunately, is none as work has dominated recently.
I have however got enough adventure written for tomorrow evening's Star Wars RPG and cleared myself this evening with the brushes.

Roll on home time.

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