Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blast from the past

Life really has been that busy recently that it wsn't until last night that I finally got round to opening my copy of the recently re-released. I just really wanted to able to spend a bit of time having a look throught the sprues and savouring the new box smell.

The moment I saw the link up on the Enfield Gamers forums I was horribly tempted and within 12 hours i'd pre-ordered a copy. As much as i've had no interest in playing 40K for some years my love of the figures and the imagery has always remained.

Seeing the quality of the figures, and the product as a whole, I just couldn't miss out. Not only will it be an excellent limited edition "project in a box" but it's a connection back to a slightly misty eyed time when GW was simply "better".......... sniff
Meanwhile, back in the box, it weighs a fair number of kilos and the sprues are so dense they barely let daylight through. All of the tiles and counters are very thick card beautifully printed and should be extremely durable. There's even a set of marbled bone dice to add an extra bit of "atmos-fear". Awesome.

The 12 termiantors are all excellent with a good balanced range of weapon fits. The lavish mission book gives specific background for them all to the point of including individual heraldry.

The 22 gene-stealers are similarly well sculpted and each an individual often leaping from struts with some excellent dynamic posing.

The only slight downer is WHEN i'm going to be all to put some time in on the project. I'd really like to spend a whole month getting things done. With a couple of busy weeks on the cards and a couple of stalling projects elsewhere it might be a while.

As a result i've decided to not have more than three projects on the go so HORDES pays the ultimate price and slips back into the case for a while. Meanwhile I simply need to find a bit more time with the brushes. We shall see!!

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