Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bolter Drill

Tuesday was toys night down at the Enfield Gamers and several of us played through a game of the re-released Space Hulk, my first, taking the first mission from the book.

Seeing everything out on the table really drove home the very high quality of the "product" as a whole. Given that they're all a maximum of three piece, the figures are simply awesome, both the Termies and 'Stealers. I quite simply couldn't find a weak one.

The game itself remains Fast, Fun and Furious keeping a slick set of mechanics that are true to the game's heritage. "Moments to learn but a lifetime to master "we were soon learning various game strategies, mainly the hard way.

Initially progress was fairly easy for myself and Charlie whilst Jon built up his "blips" at the two main choke points. With the heavy flamer clearing the way over-confidence quickly cost us three Marines, including the assault cannon

With 'Stealers closing in on all sides some stunning Marine dice making the most of sustained fire victory belonged to the Blood Angels but at a high price.

The game also helped my motivation as I want to complete the clones before working on my copy of Hulk. With a couple of weekends away lined up i'm having a day's leave tomorrow, primarily to get some painting in.

I'm going to have to be overly sensible and batch up the clones into fives in order to make some progress. I shall let you know.

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