Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Top of the world Ma!!

This weekend I have mainly been climbing up and down hills, in an apparent attempt to get my legs to fall off, and eating Haggis!

This was all accomplished in the rather wonderful city of Edinburgh. Arriving for a late lunch Friday and staying til Monday afternoon the girly and I were wondering if we'd have enough to do.
In the end we barely scratched the surface!

The guidebook had various suggested tours but we quickly discovered that it assumed rising at the crack of dawn and marching through the attractions at a ludicrous rate. No thank thee ye wee printed scally!!

Edinburgh castle was a given but held several unknown gems, particuarly the Scottish War Museum which reduced scale simply guaranteed a higher level of quality.

My personal highlight was scaling the 250m summit of Arthur's Seat, which even small children and the infirm can manage. We managed the longer "Radical Path" on the way up and settled for the tarmac path on the way down!

To give some blog relevance I felt massively inspired by the Napoleonic Highlander displays and also purchased a number of artists brushes to try out, at a fraction of GW's price I might add. Northern thrift indeedy!!

Such distractions will attest for a paltry FOUR painting points last month though in my defence an amount of "block work" has been completed. I need to make more of my evenings and will be pushing myself for at least 5 painting hours per week at the very least.

Meanwhile, we've played an eight man multi-board game of Space Hulk at the club, see Enfield Gamers link on the right and the next installment of the Star Wars Roleplay: Clones campaign is set for this evening.

As is often the way just as I will myself to knuckle down to the projects in hand several other sparkly gems roll my way. Rich J is looking at playing some WWII Pacific skirmish in 15mm which would, obviously, cost very little in time or money...... obviously. Jon also tempts with talk of Malifeux providing a very in-depth review on his Boneyard blog (link to your right). Some stunning figures allied to an intriguing dice-less card based system.... damn him.

Hoots man, there's jooce loose aboot this hoose!!

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