Thursday, 8 October 2009


The last couple of days have been quite impressive hobby-wise.

Another Tuesday night Star Wars roleplay session and a couple of hours progress painting the clones last night. All very pleasing :)

A reduced group on Tuesday gave good focus for a spot of slick surveillance and infiltration of the Small Numbers biker gang, posing as potential recruits.

With the nominal party leader away the Jedi was forced to the fore and did an excellent job ably assisted by a natural 20 thrown for force manipulation just at the right time. New friends have been made, at least temporarily, intel gained and all without a single shot being fired or a punch thrown. Quite remarkable.

Last night I found about 90 minutes to finish of some block detail on 7 clones and got them all washed down.

I'm quite determined to do the same tonight after sorting out some dreaded "domestics".

With the weekend taken up by work and some quality time with the LADY I've got the day off Monday and intend to make best use, otherwise known as painting in front of the telly!!

I'm really enjoying the whole Star Wars: Clones project / campaign and has taken me back to a golden part of my youth (soppy!). As such I've finally given in and gleefully taken out the subscription for 2000AD and the Mega-Zine that I've been eyeing up for sometime.

For slightly less than than £12 per month I get a weekly dose of thrill-power delivered to the door an a monthly Mega-Zine. The cherry on top is my subscribers Judge Dredd mug!

Happy days :)

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