Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Stay on target!

The Star Wars: Clones roleplay campaign has been giving me a great deal of motivation recently and is producing some good results.

The session last night was very enjoyable, at least for myself, with all of the players getting fully involved. Leaving the storyline fairly open ended has created a bit of extra work and has required some pressured decisions on the fly but it's given me great focus.

Last night's action revolved around a small settlement of religious types and the group's need to get a 1000 credit bounty from them to ingratiate themselves with the biker gang that they need to infiltrate. After a short round of talking the players ended up in quite a strong debate as how to proceed and had pretty much decided to use the point of a blaster to increase the profit margin.
Absolutely fine by me, such decisions are what I'm using to produce new storylines.

Just as safety catches were being flicked to OFF a rogue natural 20 strengthened the more peaceful path and Mormar, leader extraordinaire, dictated his will.
End result is nil net profit but a group of religious zealots on-call. Fun for all the family :)
All this has pushed me to find that extra painting time I mentioned previously to which en Arnie has been cleaned up along with his mugshot. I seem to have rediscovered my muse, it's all been terribly satisfying.
I'm particularly pleased with Gunnar-girl in her pink tracksuit, I think it suits her Croydon face-lift hairstyle. Jean-Claude doesn't seem to own any tops but never mind. Almost all of the scavenger clones are finished now, I just need to write them in to a storyline or two!
For the shotgun brothers, Bo and Luke, I just need to drybrush and flock their bases so I'm claiming the painting points already. That's 12 so far for the month, three times my result for September.

Looking onwards, as ever, i've been browsing around for some non-comm character types for use in future missions and an order has been put in with Heresy. I've also got my beady eye on some of Hasslefree's excellently characterful offerings but common sense, though suitably strained, has contained me so far.

The club are attending the Gamesfest 4 show in Watford this Saturday in an attempt to bring in so new blood. We're going to be showcasing The Uncharted Seas and Rich J's Pacific 44' campign, of which more at a later date.
I shall also be attempting to sell off a large chunk of my Empire army on the bring and buy. Any proceeds are likely to be plowed back into any suitable Star Wars 'Clix figures I can find. As it's combined with a comics con I shouldn't be dissapointed.

I shall let you know.................. may the Farce be with me... always :)

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