Thursday, 29 October 2009

Move along, move along

My one toys purchase at GamesFest4 last Saturday was this chap.

He's a room alarm Stormtrooper with two phrases and a "realistic" blaster sound effect. The motion sensor has a four foot range and he comes with a Han Solo blaster to shoot back with. I bought some batteries yesterday and the evening disappeared all to easily.

Tuesday night at the club was a bit sparse but I got my first proper run out with the World at War rules that we're using for the Pacific '44 campaign. As Rich promised they're fast, fun, furious and fuck'n deadly. I approve :)

I also picked up my Jap platoon (15mm Old Glory) and oh so slightly hooky rules from Shaun. £40 all in and all done. Result.

Also being added onto the projects list are the Star Wars crew and the Star Wars security force I picked up from Heresy for generic roleplay use. They arrived within a couple of days and had a thank you note and a boiled sweat packed in with them. Very pleasing :)

With these projects being added i've decide to not base the Bone Griffon fleet. They looked fine out on the table on Saturday and if I was really bothered I would have done something about it by now.

With the Empire army gone I sorted through all of my cases last night and tied the workstation making spce in both areas. The clones are now very close to being a completed project at about platoon strength which is all i'll require.

Shaun is also keen on making a return to some impetus gaming, linked here
Always liked it, though the 15mm Greeks I had sometime ago have been B&B'd sometime ago.
We'll see how much interest we can drum up at the club though the breadth of options may bamboozle many. Fantasy or historical? What period? Matching period? 15mm or 20mm?
Probably a new year project.......probably

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